At Office Financial Solutions, Inc., our goal is to provide you with a low-cost solution to taking care of all of your accounting needs while at the same time maintaining absolute integrity with your financial records. We are also HIPPA compliant to complement your office's guidelines. Let us show you how easily we can handle your accounting and work unobtrusively with your staff, so you can focus on what is really important, your practice.

Accounting Functions - we will take care of getting your bills paid, paying your employees & making the necessary tax deposits for both Federal and State, filing necessary payroll tax returns, reconcile your checking accounts, and keep your financial records accurate and up-to-date so you can answer the following questions: How is my practice doing?

Benchmarking -
One of the most valuable services we provide in our accounting packages is the comparative analysis of your practice's financial performance. Benchmarking is a valuable tool for you to get a quick, executive summary of developing trends to help with your decision making.

Reports - Yes, we generate profit and loss statements and balance sheets, but we also have developed a very unique approach we call our "Operating Statements" that compare your cash flows, including charges and adjustments, to your expenses. This results in a very effective pro-forma approach to comparing your practice's past performance and helping to project budgetary numbers.

Meeting with Managing Partner(s) - Because we are flexible, we meet with you at your convenience and in your timetable to review the reports and to discuss the numbers. We can help make recommendations about financial implications for your practice. Some providers choose to meet monthly and some choose to meet less frequently, perfering to analyze the reports on their own time.
We have monthly full-service accounting packages as low
as $895 per month.
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